Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas thoughts

I guess I have not proven to be much of a blogger so far, but to each his own. I'm in Virginia for a couple of weeks, which is ok, but I'd rather be at home. I love Christmas time. It makes me travel back to when I was a kid, and to when our kids were small. I love the feeling of good cheer and goodwill that is widespread, but I don't like the "buy, buy, buy" that comes at us from every direction. When I was little, we got one big present from Santa Claus, and usually we kids got little presents for each other along with some small things from Mama and Daddy. We weren't gifted with lots of material things, but we had a pretty good family. I think many of us have too much today, and don't really appreciate what we have.

Here are some pictures from one Christmas (1964) out on Little River.

Up above are me and Mike, with Ed and Rosa in the other small picture. Ed really liked his stopper gun! I'm looking at my airplane, and Mike is showing off his pistols:)

This is Jane and her baby doll.

Weren't we cute? I think so, but then, I'm prejudiced. It was a lot simpler Christmas then.

Merry Christmas to all.


jessica and bart said...

nice post. i am trying to convince bart that the boys don't need lots of gifts. so far they have less than last year...let's see if we can keep it that way.
i'm glad for the Christmas's we had. people really need to realize that shopping til you drop isn't what it's all about. baby Jesus isn't laying in a manager because he's tried from a long day at the mall, he's there as a token of peace and goodwill, love and hope.
i hope my boys remember the real reason of the season, and not just that Chanuka is for jewish people and santa comes on 12/24. (ask bren about hanuka)
oh, and mama does such a good job of getting the house all ready for christmas...you just can't help but be happy there!

thecaillouets said...

trent and i have decided that we all get just one gift from each other and one gift for some i the family (mainly the kids) when brooklyn is older santa will come but not in a moving truck to deliver gifts. just one or two. i want us to start reading the christmas story and listening to more music and less commercials